rose pointe series


Rose Pointe librarian Delia Wilson thought keeping her secret weekend life under wraps was her biggest concern. And it was, until efficiency expert Connor Matthews showed up to tell her all the things she’s doing wrong at her branch. Not helping matters is the anonymous one night stand they shared several months ago.

            Undercover deputy Connor Matthews thought the biggest hurdle to his assignment would be fitting in to the small and quirky town of Rose Pointe. Working side by side the one night stand of his dreams, while trying to take down a drug ring operating through her library system, is proving insurmountable.

            Despite each suspecting the other’s hiding something, they manage to keep their personal secrets safe while the rest of Rose Pointe’s come tumbling out. But when a local teen almost overdoses at the annual French Festival all bets are off with their burgeoning relationship.

            Connor needs Delia’s help to take the ring leader down, but the cost of her involvement may end all chances of a happy ending for them in Rose Pointe.