Two Weeks. Two Deadlines. One Future.

Romance author Kat Evans is excited to start enjoying her new life in Decker Springs, Colorado now that she’s thrown her two-faced fiancé to the curb. She has a list of things to accomplish with her freedom, but first she must meet a deadline, and the book has more plot holes than swiss cheese. The last thing she needs is this gorgeous, giant of a man sitting down at her table in the Beans and Leaves café and pointing out her missing commas. Though based on the way the local women react to him, maybe he’s the answer to her problems.

Trent Hawkins just wants to enjoy his offseason in his hometown while he decides whether to continue his pro-football career. He wasn’t planning on the fiery redhead at his usual table who has no clue who he is, and no idea how bad her grammar issues are. She shocks him with a request to follow him around for two weeks to find out just what it is that makes women swoon in his presence. What else does he have to do right now but to help a beautiful woman? 

Two weeks of “research” finds Trent and Kat caught up in each other in a way even this love expert couldn’t see coming. As the press gets wind of a romance with football’s most elusive bachelor, their relationship is turned upside down, leaving Trent wondering if Kat can handle a life in the spotlight, and Kat fighting demons of her past when Trent shows different sides to the world. Can they learn to trust each other and find a love worthy of a bestseller, or will they fumble this chance at happy ever after?